Welcome to the aptosid Operating System Manual

aptosid is made up of 2 words, Firstly apto which is a Latin word which means to fit, adapt, adjust, make ready, or fit. The second word is sid and is the codename of Debian's unstable branch.

aptosid is an operating system based on the Linux kernel and the GNU project, with applications/programs from Debian unstable/sid and we hold fast to the core values and social contract of Debian.

You no longer need to wait for a new release to always have the latest of anything, including kernels. Once you have installed aptosid, followed by all your favourite programs/applications, all it needs is a dist-upgrade, which is a system-wide software update from debian and specialist packages from aptosid.

This means that re-installing yet another release every 6+ months on your PC is unnecessary with aptosid, as the daily, weekly or monthly dist-upgrade brings everything up-to-date.

It is worth noting, as aptosid uses Debian's unstable branch and due to the very nature of 'Sid', you will need to be prepared to use the Terminal/cli.

With the 'way of aptosid', you will be always up to date and have the very best that aptosid together with Debian 'sid' can offer.

How to use this manual

The aptosid Operating System Manual is a reference for initial learning and refreshing your knowledge of a linux type of Operating System, not only with the basics, as it also encompasses many complex topics which will help you as the aptosid system administrator.


This manual is divided into common sections, for example, a subject pertaining to partitioning is found in Partitioning your Hard Drive, and topics regarding the Internet/WIFI are grouped in Internet and Networking. There are some topics that cannot be grouped or require stand-alone status.

For help with a specific program or an application (called a package) that came preinstalled or that you have installed yourself, look at the website of the package help forums, FAQs and online manuals and/or a help menu within that package, to help guide you for any given program/application.

Most good programs/applications also have a help guide via man pages in the terminal. Also check to see if documentation is in /usr/share/doc/<package>.

Please, if you do nothing else, take a moment to read the Quick Start Guide.

As with any new documentation there will be errors/mistakes/typos, although we hope otherwise regarding errors and mistakes (typos we can live with ) please forgive us.

As the body of work grows, more documentation will be added and we at aptosid are sure that this will prove to be a very valuable resource for you and we thank you for being a part of aptosid.

Printing key files of the manual

Hard copy printing of key files as 'portrait' does not allow an overflow code-box to print beyond the physical paper margins, (the manual website does not have this issue due to a code-box being able to scroll across).

While this is not generally a problem for a website, that is for example, a mainstream media site, it is rather critical for any linux distribution where a single line of code input into a terminal maybe as long as 120 characters, and thus is usually wider than a typical A4 portrait page at 12 pt.

Therefore adjust your print preferences to landscape,.


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All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their owners whether specified or not.



This is experimental software. Use at your own risk. The aptosid project, it's developers and team members cannot be held liable under any circumstances for damage to hardware or software, lost data, or other direct or indirect damage resulting from the use of this software. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions, you are not permitted to use or further distribute this software.

Table of Contents

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aptosid OS Manual
Mirrors, CD Downloading and Burning
Live Mode
The Terminal/Konsole
Boot Codes
Partitioning Your Hard Drive
Installation options
Graphic cards, monitors, Xorg, & drivers
Window Managers
aptosid LAMP Stack
Internet and Networking
dist-upgrade and Package Management
System Administration
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