On-Line Searching

The aptosid online search uses the powerful xapian-omega indexer and it is only applicable when using the online aptosid-manual.

Option 1

Type in one or more words into the search field and click Search (or press Return).

Matching any words Matching all words


Hits per page:

Searching options

If Match ALL words is selected, only those documents are returned which contain all of your search terms. With Match ANY word all documents are returned which contain at least one of your search terms.

Alternatively you can put a plus (+) sign directly in front of one or more words to only get those files which include all of those words. Words with a minus (-) sign directly in front of them change the result so that only documents are listed which don't contain any of those words.

The results are ordered by relevance with the most relevant documents listed first. Relevance depends on the number and position of matched words in the documents.

Option 2

To search on line, type or paste into the search box of your browser the following, (where xxxx is the word you wish to search for):

xxxxx site:manual.aptosid.com/en

Off-line Searching

The aptosid Operating System Manual has created some special configs in conjunction with the Developer for Recoll as a part of the default package. Recoll is a personal full text search tool for Unix/Linux. It is based on the very strong Xapian back-end, for which it provides a feature-rich yet easy to use front-end with a QT graphical interface. A very special thank you to Recoll.

Recoll is called Personal Search Tool in the Debian Menu of KDE.

Step 1

The manual is currently available via apt for the following languages:
Default - Deutsch (German, -de)
Default - English (English, -en)
*Čeština (Czech, -cz)
*Dansk (Danish, -da)
*Español (Spanish, -es)
*Français (French, -fr)
*Italiano (Italian, -it)
*Nihongo (Japanese, -ja)
*Nederlands (Dutch, -nl)
*Polski (Polish, -pl)
*Português (Portuguese, -pt-br)
*Română (Romanian, -ro)
*Русский (Russian, -ru)
*Українська (Ukrainian, -uk)

apt-get update
apt-get install aptosid-manual-xx (where -xx is your language. For example: aptosid-manual-en, aptosid-manual-de, aptosid-manual-es, .... )
Step 2
apt-get install recoll
Step 3

If you need to reset the index in Recoll due to the aptosid-manual updating via apt, (as user $ in konsole):

recollindex -z

Then in Recoll: File>Update Index.

The 'Preview' link will highlight all instances of your search word in the file, whereas 'Open' will open Konqueror, and use the Find on this page command for a micro search for the word you searched in Recoll.

The Home page of Recoll.

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